Stanger Pepper Plantation | Kampot Cambodia

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  • World’s Best Pepper

    How the World’s Best Pepper is Grown in Kampot, Cambodia


    Kampot pepper is very special. It grows best at the foot of the mountains because of the quartz in the soil,” says Sorn Sothy, the owner of Sothy’s Pepper Farm, a small pepper farm near Kampot, Cambodia. The region, along the country’s southern coast, is […]

  • Kampot Pepper – Old Spice

    Kampot: I am sitting under an impossibly large sky, the few errant clouds merely faint wisps on a canvas of clear, perfect blue. From high up on Starling Ridge I gaze out over the tops of pepper towers that stand like sentinels across the landscape. The view out over the valley is sweeping and vast; […]