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The Stanger Pepper Plantation is located in Kampot, Cambodia and is a boutique pepper farm, which was established in XXXX. Stanger Pepper is a relatively new Kampot pepper grower and producer in Cambodia and we focus on organically grown pepper.

Stanger Pepper’s first harvest was in 20XX producing approximately XX tons of black pepper, XX tons of red pepper and XX tons of white pepper. The commercial packaging, marketing and sale of Kampot black, red and white pepper commenced in April, 2017, as our second harvest was about to commence.

All of our pepper vines are grown on XXXX timber poles and some plots have also utilised brick columns to increase vine coverage and assist in saving our environment. Our irrigation system is based on the traditional Greek method of channels and pole pits interconnecting between vine poles.

Our team at Stanger Pepper are dedicated to modern farming techniques and practices to ensure a high quality of product is produced and we are constantly looking at ways to improve yields and quality whilst ensuring that our farming practices impact minimally on the local environment.

Whilst pepper vines can be sourced from places such as Vietnam and Sarawak, Kampot pepper is native to Kampot, Cambodia, and received Geographical indication status in 2008. This pepper is grown in a limited geographical region in four varieties: black, green, red, and white.


As Kampot Pepper is a high quality, high end product, we decided to produce a branding that was simple, but elegant. The boxing component of the brand reflects older world printing styles that are in keeping with the long history of Kampot pepper. The beige colour is in keeping with a modern earthy tone that is elegant and soothing, and an excellent backdrop for text placement, emblems, etc.


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The Kampot Pepper Marketing Association understands that modern agriculture can sometimes be harmful to the environment, and as such, have adopted an organic farming approach to Kampot Pepper farms.

The Stanger Pepper farm is a USDA certified organic grower by Washington State Department of Agriculture and by Oregon Tilth. We have a total of 150 certified organic acres in vegetable production and 3 acres of certified organic strawberries.

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Today, we continue to grow our family on the farm, encouraging strong roots for a better food and agriculture system for all.