about EST. Bar

about the name

est. is Latin for “it is”.

In medieval times, as the legend goes, monks would travel to distant monasteries, and sent scouts out in advance to critique the various establishment’s wine and beverage fare and accommodation. The scouts would have been an olden day “TripAdvisor” critics and graffitied a wall with “est” meaning “it is” so that the monks knew where to visit for the best experience and wine.

the concept

The overall concept for est. bar is that of a trendy mid-to-late night cocktail and wine venue perceived as a cocktail and wine | speak easy bar blended with components of a supper club style. There is a mixture of lounge seating, bar tables and bar counter seating with subdued lighting, modern funky chill out music and continuous tapas and charcuterie food service till late in the evening.

Est. Bar focuses on traditional cocktails and the emerging wine and hand crafted cocktail consumer market in Phnom Penh as well as offering liqueurs, cognacs, and many other beverages.  EST. Bar also has an extensive list of champagnes, probably one of the largest in the Cambodia. The food offering is that of international tapas and charcuterie plates.

The bar’s décor has a modern, minimalistic, semi-industrial décor with a focus on lighting, timber highlights, artwork, trendy furniture and splashes of colour.

The private garden entranceway and 1st floor garden deck is designed to enjoy the outdoors, and has seating, plantings and garden features. est. bar is also an excellent function venue.

Regular live bands play at est. bar each week with Wednesday’s being the main night for live entertainment. Bookings are recommended.

The EST. Bar tapas menu focuses on local product and international dishes and they vary from small to large shared plates. The restaurant chef produces regular daily specials based on local seasonal product from the markets and new product lines coming into Phnom Penh from various suppliers.

EST. Bar is considered one of the Top 10 bars in Phnom Penh and one of the best cocktail bars.