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cocktails to contemplate @ est. bar

our mixologists create cocktails that are worth contemplating and then indulging in.

tuna and salmon tartare

a tartare of tuna and salmon accompanied with wasabi avocado cream

duck pie

our own home made duck pie made with succulent duck meat, olives and baby pickled onion, encased in puff pastry and served with pea puree

cacio e pepe

Cacio e pepe is one of the most ancient dishes in Italian cuisine and the recipe dates back to the Roman Empire. For centuries, Roman Shepards viewed cacio e pepe as the perfect meal. Dried pasta, aged pecorino and black peppers were easy-to-carry ingredients and hard to spoil. The dish also does not need butter, oil or cream. The starch in the cooking water and grated pecorino combined in the right way are enough to create the perfect cacio e pepe sauce, along with an abundant amount or black pepper as required with many Roman recipes.

est. bar is now open on sunday

est. bar is now open 7 days per week from the 16th August, 2015. See you all there for some delicious tapas and great cocktails and wine.

anise prawns

king prawns cooked in pernod, onion and cream sauce and accompanied with jasmine rice.

finnish meatballs

finnish meatballs made from tender beef and served with a thick creamy cognac sauce with a scent of allspice and red cabbage

traditional cocktails @ est. bar